Breastfeeding Journey of Aruna from the birth of her baby girl

  1. Describe the begining of your feeding journey
    Initially, I couldn't feed my baby, since there was no supply, but after your guidance and motivation, I kept trying and finally could start feeding. U made me feel at ease with the entire process.
  2. The help and support you received along your journey
    Your daily visits at least twice a day, made me comfortable in feeding my baby, also the positions, the techniques helped me a lot.
  3. The education/knowledge points you received from around you and cloudnine
    The points told me by was very practical and surely answered to each and every question of mine. Been very patient to every query. Also, u gave a nice solution since my baby was not able to grasp grip and suckle
  4. Issues you faced with breastfeeding and and how you overcame them
    Being a first time mother, I didn't know anything about breastfeeding, but you gave a proper insight to it and also gave many ways to overcome the worries towards breastfeeding.
  5. Any personal suggestion / note that you would want to share with other moms
    Pls always prioritize on breastfeeding. Best for both child and mother. Pls don't listen to the myths told to you by your aunt's and grandmas. Pls keep faith in what the lactation consultant says and build a beautiful bond with your child.

Thank you Dr. Deanne for guiding me through the journey of breastfeeding

- Aruna

Breastfeeding journey by Mirali


My Name is Mirali n I delivered a Baby girl on 6th October 2018.
My feeding journey was not very easy as it was a c-sec.
My left side breast was engorged and sored.
It was super hard n painful. My baby was not being able to suck the milk properly.
I thought my milk production was less but soon I met Dr. Deanne.
She was a blessing in disguise literally.
She helped me with my problem n encouraged me a lot.
It took me almost a month to recover but Dr. Deanne was always there to help.
I had attended Cloud nine's breastfeeding programs before my delivery which helped me a lot later to deal with my problem.
Because of this I could even explain my family what could be done.

- Mirali

Initial days of breastfeeding by Nikita with her daughter

At the very beginning it took me 3 days to get a hang of feeding my child... my daughter would be cranky as hungry and I wasn't feeding correctly. When a baby is just born, it's very tiny and you are very paranoid and scared at that moment. Proper guidance and patient help is the most important need of the hour. I remember Dr. Deanne standing by me for hours together until all was normal.

She suggested a feeding pillow and that was a blessing for my back. Dr. Deanne would be just a msg away. I had difficult times with painful blisters on my nipples and she got me out of it. I had 0 knowledge about how to feed, how many times to feed, how to ease out heavy breasts, use a pump, take care of breasts and nipples... all of this I learnt through Drs help.

- Nikita Dhir

The roller coster journey of breastfeeding by Ruh with her bundle of joy

Hi I'm Ruh Sidhwani

I would love to share my experience, since I'm a happy mother of a healthy baby.
Yes I breastfeed my baby and I'm proud of it!

To begin with the beginning, yes it was tough. I wanted to quit. Yeah u read it right I wanted to quit but with my mother's motivation and Dr Deanne's support I did it!

Breastfeeding is very easy they say but it's beginning is very tough and worth it! Definitely!

At the beginning my nipples got sore and my nights were sleepless. It was painful like hell. I still wanted to quit.

"Pure Lan" as suggested by Dr Deanne was my life saver!
Yes the educational and knowledge received was very supportive and helped a lot

All other benefits everyone will tell us but One best thing about breastfeeding is which I experienced is I didn't had to carry bottles, the sterlization of it and other difficulty that we have to deal with bottle-fed is much convenient when breastfed. Just feed as many times and whenever, wherever!

And other best thing about breastfeeding that I experienced is traveling which is much needed for break after such a big life event; becomes easy with breastfeeding!

Last but not the least I would end saying enjoy motherhood. Breastfeeding is the best way to bond with your baby so close ❤️

Thank you cloud nine and team specially Dr deanne for making me enjoy this❤

- Ruh Sidhwani

Breastfeeding journey by Sanskriti with her precious daughter

We welcomed our beautiful girl on 16th Jan, 2019. I was not able to breastfeed on the day she was born. It was quite disheartening for me. She was given top feed for the time being. I found encouragement to feed her through my husband and my lactation consultant. Dr. Deanne guided me on ways to feed her, how to latch her and how to understand her hunger cues. Slowly we both adapted to each other. The top feed was reduced and later completely stopped. My breastfeeding journey is still going strong at 6 months.

- Sanskriti

The journey of fourth trimester by Zoyna Khatri

The journey of fourth trimester begin just after my painless delivery. God has blessed me with a baby girl named INAAYA . Inaaya just had her first cry which was so loud and same time scarry for me as a mom.

Thanks to the nurse who was just standing beside me she then took the baby and latched her to my right breast I still remember ....Yes that was my first baby feed, As a mom!!!

Being a mom for first time I thought breastfeeding for me and my baby was an inborn talent gifted from god but I was wrong. Within a day my nipples were cracked and it was really painful for me to feed my baby at this point of time.

This made me mentally disturbed and was confused about taking help..... fortunately lactation consultant( Dr Deanne) had come for rounds and I was blessed to have her around me at that time... It was the right ✔help at the right time when she showed me how to latch the baby in a proper position so that I will not get any cracks further

She even help me to pump out the extra accumulated milk in my breast so that I don't get any lump or breast engorgement.... by watching few videos given by her I learnt the right technique of latching the baby and how to pump out the excess milk.

Breastfeeding is not❌ easy it is really hard when you start doing it for the first time and for the first baby this is what I felt initially but after a span of 20-30 days breastfeeding became the best feeding for me!!!

When you top feed your baby you feel that it is really easy and convenient for you because breastfeeding maybe little tiring and initially hard to do it but trust me top feeding can make u more tired as you have to sterilze the utensils each end every time you feed a baby but if you're breastfeed your baby you just have to keep your breast clean and you can feed the baby anytime and anywhere!!!

I would like to share my thoughts with new moms to be

Take your time  but don't easily give up ⚔ it will for sure take time and you have to learn how to breastfeed in the right way because Breastfeeding is the best feeding for the baby.... it is the most convenient easy and best gift what you can give your newborn!!!

- Zoyna Khatri