Dr. Deanne Misquita


This is Dr. Deanne Misquita who has completed her Masters in Women’s health Physiotherapy and certified as a lactation consultant to provide expert care to breastfeeding families

Working Experience
3 years - Fortis Multispecialty hospital in Navi- Mumbai as a Childbirth educator and lactation counselor
3 years - Cloudnine maternity hospital as a Lactation Consultant.

Collectively 6 years of experience in the field of mother and child.

Expertise : Antenatal Pregnancy preparation classes including healthy exercises for a healthy pregnancy, labor preparation and breastfeeding classes for expecting couples

I have noticed a huge gap in healthcare every expecting mom and family deserves. Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a women’s life and each pregnancy is unique and can sometimes be challenging. So if women needs help to ease this journey and make it more beautiful she deserves to get the information and the services she deserves.

Breastfeeding Benefits

Promotes Infrant Immunity

Nurtures Mother-Baby Bond

Reduces Risk of Breast Cancer

Induces Oxytocin Production